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Who We Are

Who We Are:

We are the people of God and  Beaumont United Methodist Church. Many of us have grown up and lived  here in the Beaumont Mill Village our whole lives. Some of us worked in  the mill. Others of us are descendants of those who worked in the mill.  We are proud of our heritage because growing up in this community meant  that everyone knew each other, everyone helped each other, and that no  one went without. Our gardens and our livestock provided food for the  families and so did the former local Beaumont store on Liberty Street.  Many of us are veterans. We understand what it means to live a life of  service. This is how we understand what it means to live in community  with each other.
                  Hospitality is our gift. We share this with old  friends and new friends alike. New people are moving in to our  neighborhood and that is who we are too. Some of us are younger families  who have no memories of the mill village life and “Beaumont Pride.”  There is something special here that we feel and see as we connect with  our neighbors. We want to be a part of what connects people, children  and families and the larger community of Spartanburg in beautiful ways.
                  We are all being invited to learn and grow together in  God’s grace (presence and power). Our call is to change and be changed  every day with others in love and faithfulness while remaining rooted in  who we are, where we come from, and most importantly - in what God is  calling us to become – God’s people and Church. This is leading us into a  journey with others to respond to what God is calling us to do in God’s  mission. Our call is to worship God in praise and thanksgiving in  everything that we do and to be visible witnesses embodying God’s love  with our neighbors.


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