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Connect with Us

Connect with Us:

Our Address:
      687 North Liberty Street
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Our Phone:     (864) 591-1527

Our Email:
Connect with us.       Get involved.        Opportunities to serve.

God loves you and so do we! This is the mantra of our love your neighbor campaign.

  Please come worship with us and help us explore how  worship connects to the world around us. God's creation sings praise and  thanksgiving and calls us to do the same. Think of the song bird  perched on high singing a new song. God calls us to sing a new song each  and every day. Our worship and communion with God and each other  extends out into the world. Our call is to extend the communion of God  with people and places. It is there where we discover God's grace  (presence and action) in the world claiming people and places for the  Kingdom of God to make them holy and the name of God great! We are  called to be visible witnesses embodying God's love and mission out into  the world.
"Come, taste and see that the Lord is good!"

Our Small Group Ministries
Wednesday, 6pm  Bible Study.
  Leadership as  Discipleship. How do we understand and apply the gospel into all aspects  of everyday life? Come explore with us how to hear God's calling and  faithfully respond.

Saturday morning 9AM Meditation meetings.
  This small group began as an open AA gathering and is now  expanding into contemplative prayer, meditation, and supportive  learning. All are invited to come, sit and pray in our chapel.

  Small group ministries help “for nurturing faith,  building Christian community, and equipping people of all ages for  ministry in daily life…and are offered so that people encounter God’s  redeeming love for the world and respond by participating in God’s  action in the world…they may concentrate on teaching and learning,  fellowship, support, community ministries, and accountability. Members  of small groups will build their knowledge of the Bible, the Christian  faith, The United Methodist Church, and the societal context in which  the church finds itself. In addition…[small group ministries] including  the church school shall provide people with opportunities for practicing  skills for faithful discipleship, including but not limited to worship,  faith sharing, the creation of new faith communities, spiritual  discernment, Bible study, theological reflection, prayer, community  building, service with the poor and marginalized, and advocacy for peace  and justice.

Our Children's Church
Every Sunday 11 AM
  Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me  (Matthew 19:14).” We promote children actively participating in our  worship service every week. For example, children are encouraged to  assist with the lighting of the candles and processions, handing out of  bulletins, ringing the church bell, and singing. We also have weekly  children’s sermons, or “Time with Young Children,” during our worship  service including prayer prior to the children be led out into  children’s church for age appropriate lessons and activities. During  Holy Communion the children are led back into the sanctuary to  participate in the Lord’s Supper. We have a “Safe Sanctuary Policy” and  two adults at all times with the children during children’s church. The  focus of our teaching is “catechism,” or instruction for children,  pertaining to the fundamentals of Christian faith such as an  understanding of Baptism, Holy Communion, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten  Commandments, the Golden Rule, and Jesus’ call for us to love God with  our whole, heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbors as  ourselves.

Our Love Feast
Every third Wednesday  6pm.
  An apostolic tradition of sharing a common meal, hymns, prayer and  testimony with brothers and sisters in Christ's love and grace.

Our Food Pantry
Every Second Wednesday, 4pm.
Every Fourth Sunday, 10am.
   We are an agency partner with Second Harvest  Food Bank of Metrolina Feeding America. This outreach ministry helps us  extend the communion of God with those in need in our neighborhood.  Please come join us in this vital ministry to both be feed and to feed  others spiritually and physically. We need volunteers so call the church  office or just come by!

Spartanburg Urban Missions
  Spartanburg Urban Mission is a new church plant of the  SC Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church as of June 24,  2015. We are actively expanding a Church and Community Engagement  process throughout the city of Spartanburg in large scale collaboration.  Our pursuit is Holistic Christian Community Development and the  approach will be the establishment of a Community Development  Corporation (CDC) now being organized. Our focus is leadership and labor  development through discipleship with those living in neighborhoods of  poverty. Our investment will be in people to support, empower, and work  in relationship with in order to transform people and places through the  equipping of the saints for God's mission. God's mission for us is to  proclaim and live the gospel of Jesus Christ out into the world inviting  others to share in the abundance of God with God's people and to make  God's name great. Please contact us to learn more.

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